It Was One Big Sunday

If you were with us on Sunday you experienced worship filled with joy and and revelation.  The music was nothing less than awesome (literally being filled with awe for the living God).  The message was startling to some and encouraging to many. When our new name Pathfinder Church was announced there was spontaneous applause all over the sanctuary.  

 Since that time I have had many people tell me how excited they are for our future together and to count them in as we move forward.  I have had people step up and volunteer to help in any way they can.  I have had emails and phone calls of encouragement.

 I am also sure there are those who are still processing the change.  I am willing to sit down and talk with anyone who has questions.  But I am asking you to do two things before we talk.  First, I want you to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you His wisdom on the change.  Second, listen to the podcast of the One Big Sunday message on the website.  In this way we will have a much more fruitful conversation.  

 Let me conclude by saying that I truly believe the best days for our church family are ahead. I am more excited about ministry than I have ever been.  May God richly bless our obedience in taking this step of faith and may many be added to His Kingdom as a result.