Wyldlife is our Middle School outreach club in the Portage area, and Young Life is our High School outreach club in the Portage Area. Pathfinder Church has an agreement with Young Life to focus on growing Wyldlife and Young Life in the area rather than just focusing in Pathfinder Church! WL + YL is for ANY Middle School or High School student!

   We believe that every kid should get a chance to hear about the Gospel and make their own decision about whether or not they would like to live a life with Jesus. All of our leaders have made a distinct decision in their own lives to follow Jesus and at every event we take time to talk about what this means for us as we walk through life with kids and help them with the big questions on life.

   Club - Club is where students will gather together and play silly games, sing songs as loud as they can, and hear a message from the gospel at the end. We have kids from all over the area join us for this event! ANY  HIGH SCHOOL OR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT IS WELCOMED! Our goal with club is to create a safe environment where kids will feel safe hearing a message from the bible. Where kids won't feel attacked or blindsided, and they are able to talk to leaders about questions they may have.

   Campaigners - Campaigners is where we step deeper into our club talks. This is essentially a bible study where we strive to learn more about what it is like to walk through life with Jesus. Our goal with campaigners is to continue to facilitate a safe space where students can ask hard questions. Leaders may not have all the answers, but we are more than willing to walk through these questions together. Each leader will lead a Campaigners relating to whatever the topic may be that we are pursuing.

   Contact Work - Contact work is where leaders go outside of their own lives to meet kids where they are at. An example would be to take a kid to go get Y'opa and just talk, or go to Celebration with a group and watch a movie. We want these students to know that we WANT to be with them. We are not just here to see them in High School/ Middle School, we are here for them WHENEVER!

   If you are interested to know about what Young Life is doing in the Kalamazoo area, or interested in learning more about Young Life itself, please follow these links to the provided websites.