Tracy Farnsworth


About Me...

   Hi, my name is Tracy Farnsworth (affectionately known as “Mom” or “Church Ninja”, depending upon the situation).  I am the Church Administrator and strive to do my best at keeping things running smoothly, pretty much all the time.  Admittedly this cannot be done without the help of many, wonderful people who volunteer their time as they use their gifts and talents in serving this church body.  As of August of 2019 I will be celebrating 10 years of loving what I do at Pathfinder Church.


   For over 30 years, my husband Jeff and I have been married and have two wonderful children, Jason and Jennifer.  Our lives together began in Memphis, TN where I was born and raised.  Through many job changes, we have lived in IL, IN, WI and now we call Portage, MI home.  We have two dogs, a Sheltie named Bandit and a Dachshund-Havanese named Peyton.  As a family our favorite things to do are getting together with our extended family in MI, that includes the many fun times with church family too!


   I have been in church office administration work for over 20 years and love that each day’s work is something different.  After so many days of heading to work thinking of all the many things that had to be done and by the end of the day I would be thinking… ‘did I accomplish anything today?’  I found out soon enough that God is in control.  It was His agenda that would be done and on His time.  I can’t say that it was an easy lesson to learn, but I am always reminded to “Pray The Day” as Pastor Greg taught us years ago.  


Lord this is Your day

And I am Your servant

Help me walk with You on Your path for me

Help me do or not do as You guide


   The best part of my job is when someone’s day is better because I stopped what I was doing to listen, to share an encouraging word, or even to just make the extra copies they need for their meeting.  It is a joy to serve others at Pathfinder Church.