Hearing God's Voice

Have you ever been in a place in your life when you desperately needed to hear God’s voice?  Maybe you had an important decision to make. Perhaps you were wrestling with depression and wondering how God really felt about you?  Whatever your circumstance or need who doesn’t want to be able to hear from God?  

Since my healing from cancer some seven years ago I have worked to remind myself and all of us that Jesus is the Head of His church.  And each year God has given me something for His church to make a concentrated effort on for that year.  The first year it was an emphasis on small groups.  We have also focused on missions, reading through the entire Bible, and even the New Heaven and New Earth.  This year I am convinced that the Lord wants us to learn how to hear His voice.  Our lives are filled with the noise of a multitude of voices trying to get our attention.  Everyone wants us to do something, buy something or try something.  It’s no wonder there is little or no room for God to speak to us.  This is why we are offering a wonderful opportunity the first weekend in February.  We can learn together to hear God’s voice by attending a seminar by Mark Virkler here at Pathfinder church on this very topic.  Mark has been teaching these classes for over thirty years and makes this amazing claim.  He guarantees that if we follow the simple steps he outlines (all of which are Biblical) we will be able to hear God’s voice. I, for one, want to put that claim to the test. How about you? 

So let me ask you, what are you going to be doing that weekend that will be more important than learning how to hear God’s voice?  I don’t say this to make you feel guilty.  Instead I am passionate about you having everything from our God that He wants to give you.  I long for you to have the joy of confidence that comes from knowing you have a direct line to our Creator, Redeemer, Father and Friend.  You might be saying to yourself that this is or will be too hard or I am the exception and won’t be able to hear from God.  Or perhaps you are afraid to hear from the Almighty One because He will only tell you what you already know, that you are not worthy of being loved my Him.  Or you might be thinking it will be difficult to make the time work.  Before you say no please click on the following link and watch the interview with Mark at http://www.cwgministries.org/our-message-in-8-minutes.  And then pray and ask our Lord what He wants you to do.    


Pastor Greg