"The Circle Maker" small group study

I wanted to personally invite you to join a Pathfinder small group this coming fall.  I know that working out my faith in a smaller more intimate setting has been very helpful to my walk. I also truly believe that you might personally benefit from walking through life with other Christians who will encourage you, pray for you and have face to face conversations about faith, family and life.  Starting the week of Sept. 16th our church will begin a 4 week “all-church” small group emphasis that is called “CIRCLE MAKER”.  This video based study helps inspire us to draw prayer circles around our dreams, our families, and God’s promises.  I’m really excited about the content and I am committed to helping you find a place where you can participate in this great new study.  We have several new groups that are forming on a variety of different days of the week and times, so please sign up at the connect desk and we'll help you plug into a group so that you too can begin to draw circles in your prayer life. 

If you are interested in learning to lead a small group or are willing to partner with someone else to help with hosting a group please call me ASAP at the church.  

Grow and Go-- Pastor Dan (Family & Discipleship Dir.)