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Phase Five: Fellowship Hall & Youth Rooms

Improvements to Fellowship Hall

  1. New floor covering would be installed throughout the area
  2. Installation of new insulated windows with a modern look
  3. Ceiling tiles would be removed or replaced
  4. Modern overhead lighting would be added
  5. Air conditioning would be installed
  6. Video Projector and Retractable Screen added at east end for Children’s Ministry and Adult meetings

Improvements to Youth Room

  1. The existing Youth room would be expanded by incorporating the surrounding meeting rooms into a single universal room. The walls between the Youth room and other 2 surrounding rooms would be removed and opened up to expand the Youth area.
  2. Small meeting or breakout rooms would be constructed along the east side of the expanded Youth room thru moveable walls. These breakout rooms could also serve as Sunday School classrooms.
  3. Air conditioning would also be added to the Youth room.

Changes to Existing Nursery Area

  1. The existing Toddler Nursery would be converted to a large Adult Meeting/Classroom to replace the classroom incorporated into the expanded Youth area.
  2. The Custodial storage closet would be relocated from the first floor to the current Infant Nursery. This will provide more storage space then is currently available.
  3. Direct access between the downstairs Hallway and the Gymnasium would be provided by establishing a new hallway through the existing Nursery Area. This passageway will support direct service accessibility between the Kitchen and Gym areas.

Major Benefits

  • Youth Ministry will have a larger dedicated Meeting/Worship area.
  • Expanded size of Youth Area would accommodate a larger youth program. 
  • Expanded size of Youth room offers greater flexibility for youth activities and events (such as youth worship services, movies, entertainment, et.).
  • A second large Adult classroom space would be added.
  • Fellowship Hall would be transformed to a positive inviting environment.

Cost Estimate: $239,000

Building Plan | Overview | Phase: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7